Yay! I finally got my hands on copies of audio productions that I am so happy to say that I got to be part of. Here is the first sample and wow, my mind is blown at the production quality! I feel like I'm watching a movie or animation but only with my ears, if that makes sense haha. Would you believe if I told you this was the first time I've listened to an entire audio production with all the fixings?! Well it is and it's kind of wild to hear your voice in it.

I voice Agatha, the girl who is in a troubling and awkward situation in this scene. Fortunately Mary saves her with the use of her powers! It's a very cute exchange.

The crew of Shot One shared with me Volley's Reveal and it has so much charm which fits her character super well! This is one of my success stories in direct marketing with potential client as they are a small indie developer focusing on Shot One currently.

I remember spotting their first animations for their characters on Twitter and at the time, they were actually seeking an animator. I was so intrigued by the character designs, I decided to share my information with them even though they were prioritizing hiring an animator!

I'm still working with them to this day and I'm so grateful as their team has some awesome visions for the game's future!

Also, Volley is SO cute! Love voicing as her. They said there will be more work coming soon and that means for more fun content on their twitter and Discord! Anyone else excited for this game?

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm wrapping up with the narration and production of "Hisss" by Skye McKinnon as I am finishing up the editing for it to be proofed and reviewed. This means book FOUR of Catnip Assassins will be complete and we have three more after this one! It's extremely exciting stuff and I adore the development Kat and her family is receiving. While some of you are waiting for this next audiobook's release, here is a behind the scenes video I recorded for this book!

I've been in the talks with other authors though and I'll be continuing multiple series over the course of this year and NEXT year. (We're very busy here!) I also have some other fun ideas to mess around with to surprise the author's I work with using my artistic abilities.

Anyways though, enjoy everyone and I'll post another one in a few days!