Another audiobook has landed on many retailer's stores and this one was enjoyable for multiple reasons. First, it has magic and witches and we know I just adore those things right? But what made this a wonderful project to narrate was putting myself in quite a different set of shoes. Crystal is a young lady who is faithful to God, however, when she finds out that she is the incarnation of magic, this shakes her entire world and sends her down a path of questioning her faith and herself. This is a story about her embracing who she is while also her faith, learning that both can coexist in harmony. It also helps that she learns her abilities as darkness and evil is afoot that only she can stop!

This book is not yet available on Audible, but great news it's that available on many other retailers like Chirp, Kobo, Scribd and more! Check out the document below for all the stores it's on;

Melody Muzljakovich's Audiobook Cheat Sh
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I recommend keeping this handy if you enjoy my narration but prefer using other retailers. Thank you as per usual everyone and I hope you enjoy this magical read!

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Hello all! I hope you guys are staying warm and staying safe. A new audiobook has been released and this one is very close to my heart as it helps raise awareness about a very serious mental health issue across the world; depression. This audiobook is heartbreaking in the fact I relate to it very much despite Sara's circumstances being different from mine. What's more? Everyone can relate to Sara, especially teens. I will be transparent with you as my listeners, that I continue to face my own depression and it's very tough sometimes. It was hard to narrate this book because of the engaging style the author requested, meaning I got maybe a little too engaged haha. Still, it's one of my favorite books I've narrated and one of the most powerful. To be given the opportunity to tell a tale like this is a great honor to me, because if it means giving hope to even just one person, I will feel fulfilled and hopefully, so will you. Take a listen...

"You'll tell Mom if you're not doing good?" I nod again, my throat's too tight to speak. "I'm serious, you'll tell her this time?" "Yes sir." My heart bangs on my rib cage. "Promise?" Dad pushes. "Promise." I lie. I could never do that to her again. I’m stronger this time. New school. New year. It’s all too familiar for military brat, Sara Parker. After her dad gets deployed, the darkness in her mind is set free, wreaking havoc on every aspect of her life. Stuck in the bottom of a pit with no one to turn to, Sara’s world comes crashing down as everyone around her discovers her secrets, one scar at a time.

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Melody Muzljakovich's Audiobook Cheat Sh
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I know right now it might seem impossible, but you truly are not alone in your fight. If it's an emergency and you need someone to talk to, my email is open to anyone who needs an ear at I am here for you. If you or any of your loved ones need someone/professionals to talk to during this difficult time, here are some resources: (Call: 1-800-273-8255) (Text: HOME to 741741) (Text: TEEN to 839863. Open from 6pm-10pm PST. Email available for international use) (For help with sexual assault call: 1-800-656-4673) (For help with domestic abuse call: 1-800-799-7233) (Specializes in helping young adults overcome self-harm and depression)

Stay strong my friends!

Huniepop 2 has finally released after a long and bumpy road! This is a wonderful experience as this is my first "big" role in the indie scene. While Candace isn't particularly smart, she makes up for it in cuteness and southern ditzy charm! I decided to use Junko Enoshima's video to showcase her interaction with another character I favor a lot; Polly! This cutie is voiced by the wonderful Marissa Lenti. Take a listen!

I find the art in this game also very pretty and I think all the voice actresses did amazing! It was wonderful getting to know these talented ladies and I can safely say I have a great group of voice actresses to recommend. Will update my blog post with their socials as soon as I find them all!

Thank you HunieDev and I hope all the fans enjoy our hard work.