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We have a new audiobook release and this is a very new and unique genre to me. It is called super hero/sci-fi litharem I believe! This is actually a duet narration, with the wonderful Gabriel Michael being the main narrator and voicing the masculine dialogue.

Audible Link

Publisher's Summary

Trial 999. Codename: Warhead. Day in and day out, I was reminded of what I was: a subject, a mere guinea pig to a bunch of insatiable lab tests. These scientists were trying to break me, recondition me, control me. I had no idea that my life would succumb to this, a mysterious phenomenon in need of experimentation. Because humans feared what they couldn’t understand, and I happened to be a powerhouse in my own right, a supernatural prodigy. But one day, after almost twenty years, I escaped, leaving nothing behind but ashes and acid rain. Little did I know, I’d be reminded of that fateful night I’d left my constant nightmare… Bio nukes fell from the sky with one goal in mind: to essentially turn everyone into superhumans like me. Turning innocent lives into a round of Russian roulette was the name of the game. The aftermath left two sides of the same coin: to become supervillains or superheroes. I choose the latter, but not by choice. Either way, I had a binding contract with The Brother’s Code, a crime-fighting organization where plain supes could train to become TBC Super Heroes. Now I have to make things right, working with The Brother’s Code to stop this wave of supervillains created by the same facility that turned my cells into biological warfare. A team of three girls and I would become superheroes, defying all odds to shut down Sigma-RE for good, just as long as we could find a way to work together. Easier said than done.

Stay tuned for audiobook announcements AND role announcements!

Selina Fenech's "Beshadowed" series is starting off with a bang with the release of book one! It was such an honor to work with someone as talented and skilled as Selina. Her website is HERE!

Audiobook Link

Publisher's Summary

They lied. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts…they aren't what you think. After the death of her mother, Everly goes back to her eerie hometown with a plan to get in and out as quick as possible. Step one, clear out the family home and antique store. Step two, avoid thinking about her past and the boy who broke her heart. Step three, watch him die at the hands of a nightmarish monster. Wait, what? That wasn't the plan. But it was just a dream, wasn't it? As the evidence mounts that what she saw was real, a broken heart is the least of her problems. Now his body is missing, and his soul is trapped in her dreams. Everly's hometown is crawling with dark secrets, and nothing is as it seems. Can she work out the mysteries in time to save the only man she's ever loved? Darkness Unknown is the first book in the Beshadowed series by Selina A. Fenech. If you're looking for urban fantasy with a plus-size heroine, shifters with a twist, slow burn romance, and a satisfying mystery, you'll love Beshadowed.


In other news...

I got to provide voiceover for an interesting interactive experience which you can learn more about here, even try it out!

Grab your Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers and learn how they can improve your experience with this short tutorial. Enter your studio and enjoy the simple pleasure of painting in a nice, relaxing environment. Note that even though this application can be played entirely with the Meta Quest 2 Touch controllers, it works best with the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers.

That's all for now! I'll come back next week with more news. :)

Happy February!

GraphicAudio's adaptation of "A Court of Frost and Starlight" is now available for purchase on their website. I've received this question a lot on my socials and YES, GraphicAudio is most definitely going to work on "A Court of Silver Flames" but I don't know when or how it's going to be approached. I do know that I will return voicing Feyre's dialogue and whatever bits of the book she narrates! But if you enjoyed my narration and performance, I definitely encourage you to listen to other books I've narrated:


Website freshen up!

With a new year means a little update here and there. My website is my portfolio for all things voice over and! I missed having an art page dedicated to my artwork because drawing is one of the big reasons I got into voice over. So make sure to stick around a while and take a look at the update. It should be even easier to navigate and still easy on the eyes.


More audiobooks on the way...

I've been working hard getting more audiobooks done and two should be available soon, which I'm really excited to talk about some more! Will make posts about it as soon as they are both out and available. :)

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