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Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my site. My name is Melody Muze and I am a voice-artist who specializes in narration, character work, and so much more! Please explore to get a feel for what I do!

For your ease and to save you time, here is my email to quickly contact me: melodymuzevo@gmail.com

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⋆ Warmth, zest, and all the rest!⋆

What I offer with my voice is a plethora of dynamic characters and emotions suitable for every branch of voice-over. Whether you wish for me to bring an entire world to life with narration or simply convey an important message that people can relate to; I would be happy to be the voice that sprinkles that magic. My natural voice is warm, youthful, and well, melodic! A unique ability I possess is my ability to sing in other character voices quite well as well as most genres of music. So I'll be able to cover both your voice-over and singing needs! From a little fairy voice to a young child, to a believable teenager to an old crone... from a wacky creature to a wicked temptress; I can bring this to the table and more. If any of this sounds like what you need, please contact me at your convenience and request an audition or sample if you'd like. I truly look forward to working with you and giving your project that zest you've been looking for. ❤


⋆ A girl with an over-active imagination...⋆

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had this ability to immerse myself into worlds and characters of my own creation. Writing them out, drawing them up, even acting them out! Deep down, I knew I was meant to be a performer, and all the signs of me being a professional voice-artist had been waiting for me to catch on. It also helped a ton being raised by my parents who are exceptional musicians. My mother, a classically trained pianist with a powerful voice and my dad, an awesome drummer and performer. They showed me what artists are and what they do, how dynamic they really are. That inspiration keeps me going in every aspect of my career and the passion that influenced me, will transition to all of your projects.


My real name is Melody Muzljakovich and as you can probably tell by my website, I am a very colorful, bubbly, and artsy individual who is a wee bit obsessed with magic and fantasy. It is who I am and my passion, transcends the norm. You won't be getting just a voice for your project...you will be working with a fellow creator with their own ideas and artistic ingenuity who is more than happy to help in that regard if asked. Someone who will immediately understand your characters and/or message and when directed, will take it and push it to the next level. Someone who can improvise and make your message even more powerful instinctively! You, my friend, will be working with an artist! Let's make some magic happen.