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⋆ VA Information ⋆

Big thank you to Jason Lord and my brother, Greg Muzljakovich for their immense contribution to my reel. Credit to Purple Planet Music for the song "Winter Wonder"!


  • Steinberg UR12 Recording Interface

  • MXL 4000 Condenser Studio Microphone

  • Adobe Audition CC 2020

  • iZope RX Standard for Additional Cleaning/Editing

  • Skype, Zoom, Source Connect Capabilities!

Melody Muzljakovich

⋆ About ⋆

Melody Muzljakovich is a voice-actor, singer, and digital artist based in Dallas, Texas who specializes in character voices and personalities suited for interactive, video-games, and animations. One of the things she prides herself in is having a very dynamic, broad, and versatile range in both singing and acting. If you're looking for a one trick pony, this isn't the gal for you!

Melody won't just help you bring your character's to life, but she can help bring your game or animation music to life with flexible vocals that have immersed in all genres of music such as classical, rock, jazz, pop, and more...!

She has also taken on jobs for internet ads, e-learning, audio-books, and commercials.

Singing Range: Alto to Mezzo-Soprano

Vocal Range: M+F Child, M+F Teen, Young-Adult, Middle-Age, Senior

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