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About the muse!

Melody Muzljakovich's Headshot

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had a very broad and overactive imagination. It all began with singing and because I came from a family of singers and musicians, I was already in a very kind and safe environment to explore my creativity.

Reading fantasy novels, playing video games and watching animations unlocked even more for me. I discovered a love for writing and creating characters, even drawing them out! Finally, voice over came into the picture and it dawned on me that all the signs were there.

I've always been an animated and talkative person, loved changing my voice on the spot, used the techniques I know from singing and applied them to voice over and I've been through many trials and errors that helped me become a versatile, dynamic performer. Life is the best teacher after all, right?

On this journey, I also discovered a passion for spirituality, astrology and mythology. Thus why you will often see me practicing tarot and studying my craft!


That is why I condensed my lovely last name from "Muzljakovich" to "Muze". I hope to be a muse for people who stumble upon me, but most of all, I hope to continue to be one for myself.

To get a better understanding of me, make sure to follow my socials as I let everyone see me there!

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