⋆ VO Demos & Samples ⋆


  • Steinberg UR12 Recording Interface

  • MXL 4000 Condenser Studio Microphone

  • dbx 268 preamp

  • Adobe Audition CC 2021

  • iZotope RX 7 Standard for Additional Cleaning/Editing

  • Skype, Zoom, Source Connect Capabilities!

♫ Singing ♫

⋆ Original Character Voice-over⋆

Because digital art plays such a huge role in my voice-over and how I developed my skill, I will come across fellow artists who make incredible character designs that inspire me to put a voice to them. They so kindly have given me permission to do so, so please be sure to show these artists some love. These are all fan-made and the characters completely belong to their creators. (Please read descriptions for artist info.)


Resume - Video Game Roles

Resume - Animation Roles

For Fun Roles


✯ Testimonials ✯

"Fantastic read and exactly what we wanted. Even through health problems, she labored to get us the read, and we are forever thankful for the dedication. Thank you, Melody!"

"A super awesome performance by Melody. I do not believe it could've been any better."

"Melody did great. We got what we needed at a great speed and quality. A++"

"Melody gave us a fantastic reading of what we needed. Can't recommend her enough."