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✯ Testimonials ✯

Venus Silhouette is an elegant, graceful ninja with dark hair, brown eyes, and a ton of beauty, from Heroes of Newerth.
Short Fuse Bomber is an explosive teenager with lots of bombs and heavy artillerly who sounds always angry, from Heroes of Newerth.
Locksmasher is a cute little girl with a giant hammer and a high-pitched child-like voice from Heroes of Newerth.
Painkiller is a sexy but sadistic nurse with a british accent and sensual voice, from Heroes of Newerth.

"Fantastic read and exactly what we wanted. Even through health problems, she labored to get us the read, and we are forever thankful for the dedication. Thank you, Melody!"

"A super awesome performance by Melody. I do not believe it could've been any better."

"Melody did great. We got what we needed at a great speed and quality. A++"

"Melody gave us a fantastic reading of what we needed. Can't recommend her enough."