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Voyage Dallas Magazine Pt. 2

Hi friends!

We're back again with another exciting interview with Voyage Dallas magazine.

A couple of years ago, Voyage Dallas magazine approached me because someone recommended they interview me. I was a bit flabbergasted as I never really thought anyone would come to me, especially being such a greenhorn, to interview what my journey was like!

Now we're here. I feel like things have really changed a lot for me and I've made so much progress in my career. It's kind of funny, because I watched one of Lisa Biggs webinars talking about the importance of PR in the #voiceoverlife . Then a week later, the kind folks at Voyage Dallas reach out to me again to check on me and interview me once more, while offering other PR-related opportunities.

I'm so grateful for all the opportunities that fall into my lap and what makes this interview so much more exciting, is that I am so much more confident in myself and my path and I even got to "make" my interview questions.

Seriously, I hope that I get even more opportunities to talk about my journey, hopefully in more detail, as I want to do what I can to inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams! There are many obstacles, but that only makes the victory or your success even sweeter! Thank you Voyage Dallas team for taking time to interview and post about me once again.

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