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VO Resources & Answers!

The new year has begun and we're already nearing the end of January!

Because of some of my narration work in the last year, many of you have started following me on my socials to support and follow along. Seriously, I cannot thank you all enough for this and I am extremely grateful. Many of you had questions but the most frequent one was..."how did you get started?"

The truth is, I just jumped right in, auditioning for volunteer projects on websites like castingcallclub and behind the voice actors! They were such amazing times and I loved the thrill I got from sending in lots of auditions. To me, voice over is something that is really easy to get started in, but very challenging to turn into a full fledged career! It requires quite the investment of time, money, energy and you really have to love it.

This spreadsheet was put together by my amazing peers and fellow voice actors who love to help and support the community! They are spectacular for this.

Keep in mind, this is for people who are serious and want to see who all they can submit their materials to. There is no guarantee for jobs, you're going to have to compete with others, but you will go so far if you stay persistent and optimistic!

Let's make this year epic and let's create!

I will have more audiobook and voice over updates soon as well, so please stay tuned.

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