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Upcoming Audiobooks!

Dun dunna dunnn!

The New Year has officially begun everyone and it's time for us all to shine. I have a lot of audiobooks on the roster that I am currently working on and I'm so excited for a couple of releases that will hopefully arrive soon. Let's check them out!


The Quarter Mage

Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.


A forgotten princess. A cruel realm. A Mage who might be her salvation.

Sanja is a princess on the run. And when she flees her father's court to escape an arranged marriage to a tyrant, the one thing she doesn’t expect, is to be killed for her throne.

But magic that shouldn’t exist in her kingdom saves her, and Sanja is thrust into the daunting fairylands where, as a human, she’s prey…

Fighting to survive, Sanja signs herself into the service of the most powerful Mages in the fairylands, determined to master the magic to save her kingdom—and finds herself stuck with a brooding Mage with a knack for keeping secrets.

As Sanja’s feelings for Tristan turn from dread to attraction, she learns that she isn’t the only thing the fairies are after. And Sanja must risk her life and her heart, or she will lose both him and her kingdom forever.


Darkness Unknown

They lied.

Werewolves, vampires, ghosts … they aren't what you think.

After the death of her mother, Everly goes back to her eerie hometown with a plan to get in and out as quick as possible.

Step one, clear out the family home and antique store.

Step two, avoid thinking about her past and the boy who broke her heart.

Step three, watch him die at the hands of a nightmarish monster.

Wait, what?

That wasn't the plan. But it was just a dream, wasn't it?

As the evidence mounts that what she saw was real, a broken heart is the least of her problems. Because now his body is missing, and his soul is trapped in her dreams.

Everly's hometown is crawling with dark secrets and nothing is as it seems. Can she work out the mysteries in time to save the only man she's ever loved?



It's time for the last meow.

Her whole life, Kat has been fighting for survival. For her freedom.

Now she's done. She wants peace. Even if that means having to risk everything she loves.

The final book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series full of action, suspense and cat puns. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won't have to choose.

This is the seventh and final official book of this series!

That's all for now, but stay tuned! There is plenty more to come in the future.

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