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The Tarot Challenge - Entry 1 - The Lily

The Lily

Character Lore

Age: 15-18 (Lilian, The Lily is MUCH older)

Lilian Cross was once an ordinary young girl raised by a holy order called 'The Acolytes of Eeristelle'. They were a very dedicated and devout group who believed the fickle Goddess was the true and only deity to follow. She was chaos incarnate (when she chose to reveal herself) and chaos...was a natural part of life. Lilian grew up with these beliefs, but unlike her brethren, she was curious and often questioned her beliefs, though mostly to herself. Then one day came a healer who surprised her. She was a beautiful Elven woman who Lilian could tell had seen many years, despite her young appearance. The woman approached the Acolyte Order and offered her services, announcing what she was. She claimed to be a daughter of the moon and the entity that was 'The Lily'. She had ventured far to offer her services as the village the Acolytes currently resided in were suffering a terrible illness that refused to go away. Eeristelle thrived off chaos and wanted the illness to remain so the order did little to stop it. They were offended by this woman who dared to proclaim another as her deity and they laughed at her offering her blasphemous 'healing'. Eeristelle spoke cruel whispers into the minds of her followers and soon...the Acolytes would behead the poor elven healer. Lilian was mortified by this and that night, she ran away to the nearby woods. The moon was full that night and Lilian was sobbing as the light crawled over her form. Then, a gentle hand rested on her shoulder and a soft voice spoke into her ear. "Now, it's your turn..." She whispered. Lilian rubbed her eyes and instead of being shocked, she seemed to understand. The elven woman was not any ordinary healer, she was something more. 'The Lily' was a miracle but it came with great was a parasite in it's way. When one host died, it traveled to another one it felt suitable. The Lily destroyed the person's personality, over-taking it with something more...lifeless. They would no longer be who they used to be and they'd lose all the memories they once had...all so they could heal another...



Okay, so I imagine the voice for the Lily to be on the mystical and ethereal side. The tone itself should be mid to mid-high but when saying lines, they should all be said with a somewhat haunted and tranquil atmosphere. A bit of breathiness is great but don't go overboard with it! Her voice is that of a young lady and it is not evil nor benevolent, not kind nor cruel. Her voice is generally soft(not airy) and soothing. Please drag her lines out a bit in a flowy fashion... In terms of accent, I am very open. Welsh, French, Middle-Eastern, and even British would all probably sound great for her but if you can't manage those, that's okay, give me whatever you're comfortable with! Here's some irony...despite this entity being very ancient, she is much like a naive child who still doesn't understand the world it's been placed on and shows a lot of curiosity. It's almost...alien. A good reference is how the elves speak in The Lord of the Rings. They're not robotic at all but they hold a mysticism and grace in their speech that makes them sort of...'above and beyond' mortals.

"I am the Lily...The lumen lady placed me here to tend to her garden and I see many wilting flowers in need of mending..." - With this line, she is introducing herself to someone, so don't be afraid to make it sound sort of epic (nothing boisterous though) AND mysterious because the last bit of her sentence is somewhat ominous (you can even try making it sound eerie or creepy if you'd like).

"How curious...the girl is fighting is it that some of her remains..." Unlike many other hosts, Lilian was not consumed entirely by the Lily and is trying to take back her body. A little hint of struggle in the speech would be good as well as genuine curiosity and fascination!

"Averi minu upsa tril.....valmina tera vo..." You can actually pronounce this however you please, it's totally made up, but I imagine it sounding much like an incantation or spell, so make sure it fits that, and it's a slow spell!

That's it guys haha. I wanted to keep this sweet and short, hope you enjoy! Please click here to go over how to submit.


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