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The Tarot Challenge - Information


Hello all! So this is a special blog post as I'm officially initiating...The Tarot Challenge! Many of my friends have said to me "Melody, you should really do a voice-recording for the characters you draw, and present how you think they would sound!" and I agree with this, but I don't think it's very fun listening to my voice over and over again for every character (it might also come off a bit narcissistic), so this is how my idea was conjured up. I think the voice over community is extraordinarily pleasant and supportive, so I want to do my part to help folks grow while also potentially giving them some cool prizes! Yes, you read correctly, there's prizes!

What is the 'The Tarot Challenge'?

Basically, I will draw tarot cards of my own original characters with some lines written out for them that you simply have to act out with the voice (or voices...) that best match the character! To make it as easy as possible, I will make sure to be descriptive in how I think the lines should be acted out and also how the character should sound in terms of pitch, tone, and texture. However, I don't want to ruin your creativity! If there's this particular voice you have in mind for the character that may go against what I wrote but you think it really suits the character, feel free to send in that take too! I want this to be fun and relaxing and maybe a learning experience to see what you yourself can do, it's not a paid gig or anything, so relax and have fun!

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Please record with decent equipment. It's okay if you don't have the top of the line stuff, but make sure you're understandable and there's minimal background noise (none at all would be best).

  • Please don't add any effects or music to your lines! General clean-up is fine though and I even encourage it. :)

  • You are allowed to do a maximum of three takes per line and you may submit however many voices your little heart can muster up for the character!

  • Send your files which can be either .mp3 or .wav to with the subject line reading "The Tarot Challenge - TAROTCARDNAME - YOURNAME" so I can organize things easily.

  • Please perform as you would if this was a paid gig (even though it's not, I want to hear your best stuff so when you win, I can show it off for all to see). I don't mind playfulness or even bloopers, but I'd prefer you to do your best with the acting. :)


Because this is going to likely get very little attention, I'm only going to reward the top three voice-artists who I thought managed to get closest to the voice I think suits my character best! With that said, here we go!


First Place will receive...

  • Free customized/personalized Tarot Card of their OC (or themselves) OR a a profile picture suitable for their social medias, websites, blogs, banners, and etc.

  • A free 30 minute directing session with the experienced and talented voice-actor and director of Shining Star Casting, P.M. Seymour.

  • Spotlight in "The Tarot Challenge Gallery" which means whoever visits my website and checks out my art page will see the tarot card you voiced AND will be able to listen to your voice and will include links to your social media, websites, and etc. If you don't mind, I would love to borrow a professional head-shot of your's and post a mini-bio next to the tarot card (this is completely optional).

  • Will also include some of the rewards from second and third place, just let me know which ones you would like.

Second place will receive...

  • Four pieces of blog, website ,banner decor of your choice (borders, frames, background image, wallpaper). If you want some music notes with sparklies that you can plop where-ever you'd like, I can do that for you (this is just an example).

  • A free 45 minute directing session with phenomenal artist and director who happens to be the sole developer of "The Hayseed Knight", Sandra MJ! (You might get away with asking questions about art too hehe.)

  • Honorable mention in "The Tarot Challenge Gallery" where visitors will be able to access your websites and social media!

Third place will receive...

  • Two pieces of blog, banner, or website decor of your choice.

  • A free 45 minute directing session with myself where we can discuss art, singing, and/or voice-over. This means I'll help you with whatever you're currently working on voice-wise and will happily answer questions about singing and art.

  • Honorable mention in "The Tarot Challenge Gallery"!

And surprise! This isn't really a 'reward' exactly but I'm offering to give detailed feedback to every individual who submits. All you have to do in your e-mail is say "I'd like feedback" or something similar and I will do so!

Want to volunteer your talents to this fun challenge? Do you have suggestions on how to make this challenge better?

This is something I hope to keep going for a while as I think this is a fun way to promote people's work and support one another. So with that said, I'm inviting experienced and skilled directors, artists, voice-actors, singers, and etc. to offer their talents and to help me come up with helpful and cooler prizes or maybe craft a tarot card of their own for this challenge! It would be amazing if we could get more accomplished and popular voice-actors aboard, so if you're one of those, I hope you'll consider and drop me an e-mail at or DM me on Twitter if interested. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this challenge better, let me know!!

Now, onto the the challenge. CLICK HERE for the first challenge entry!!

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