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Hey everyone! Back with more news.~ This time, I wish to introduce "Tamborin". A cute indie pre-school animation that teaches kids about music. This is a very special show, not just because I got the honor to voice and participate in it, but because I love music! I was a singer before a voice-actress and this show has singing and music! Here's the episode where my character, Mommy Tamborin, enters! But make sure you check out the other's too and give your kid's another fun thing to watch.~

This is one of the few roles where I get to voice the mother! I also got to sing a bit in her voice although that's not available to hear yet unfortunately. Mommy Tamborin is an eccentric and quirky character which is why I had a lot of fun voicing her! If you wish to see more of this series; please check out the YouTube channel.

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