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Shadows Awoken & Update!

Publisher's Summary

Bestow the dragon's desire. With Everly's situation dire, the Howell team are on the case to save her before time runs out. The answer they are looking for may be in the local lighthouse, but what they actually discover there turns out to be something straight out of legend. When myth and reality collide, the consequences will be deadly. Return to the world of monsters and magic in Shadows Awoken, book three of the Beshadowed series by Selina A. Fenech.

Book three of Selina's "Beshadowed" series is now available on Audible and many other retailers! Shadows Awoken!


In other news, I am still working on many audiobooks and other projects, building and building. But I've also tried to take a step back and start having a social life. Voice over is a career I adore and will continue to build as much as I can as it is my only source of income, but I've come to realize that due to me focusing SO much of my time on it, I've lacked a social life and I really want one.

So lately, I've found a community of people I feel like I belong with and I'm even making amazing friendships. Expect many different updates from me as we still have a long way to go! If you're a fellow freelancer stumbling onto my page, know that there is more to life than just your passion for your career. It is okay to take a break and pursue other things in life that you yearn for! Life is short, so enjoy it in as many ways as you can. :)

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