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Scratch on Audio

Scratch, the next book in The Catnip Assassins series is now available! If you want to give the first book a listen so you know where we are at, make sure you go to or simply click this; Meow!

Publisher's Summary

Men are just like cats. They don’t do what they’re told and constantly want cuddles. Kat misses her solitary assassin life. Instead of doing one cold-hearted kill after another, she has to deal with two-and-a-half men all vying for her attention. But with a new crisis emerging, she needs to keep her cool and focus on what really counts. Kittens are being taken, including Ryker’s son. Is there a killer on the loose, or is someone trying to get Kat’s attention? The second book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series. Warning: This book contains scenes that animal lovers may find a little upsetting.

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Thanks as usual guys and keep an eye or rather ear, out for the next awesome listen. :)

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