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Rebirth : Birds of Chance AUDIOBOOK!

In a world divided between those who are talented and those who aren't, Vici is a city governed by an egotistical Praetor driven by his hatred for the gifted individuals - the Tallents - who he considers a plague. Tallents are forced into the shadows, for fear that they will be caught and executed.

An explosion rocks the city to its very foundation; the sole survivor a young woman with no memories of her past. Her only tie to her previous life is a silver necklace with the name Asylia inscribed. Risen from the ashes, she pieces herself together while taking control of her emerging fire talent. She must be careful; one mistake and she will end up like all the other Tallents who have faced the Praetor's wrath.

Harbored by a mysterious group called Revival, the young woman discovers that the people of Vici are disappearing at an alarming rate. Together with her new friends, she must rally against the Praetor's tyranny, racing to free the city in hopes that she isn't too late to bring peace to this world in turmoil.


I am happy to announce that an audiobook that has LONG been in the works is now available on Audible. The author and I both have codes as well to share but we only wish to give it to people who not only have enough time to listen but are willing to leave an honest review upon finishing it. If you wish to review it, please reach out to me! Please keep an eye on my website and social media as more audiobooks are on the way. :)





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