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Questioning One's Faith...

Another audiobook has landed on many retailer's stores and this one was enjoyable for multiple reasons. First, it has magic and witches and we know I just adore those things right? But what made this a wonderful project to narrate was putting myself in quite a different set of shoes. Crystal is a young lady who is faithful to God, however, when she finds out that she is the incarnation of magic, this shakes her entire world and sends her down a path of questioning her faith and herself. This is a story about her embracing who she is while also her faith, learning that both can coexist in harmony. It also helps that she learns her abilities as darkness and evil is afoot that only she can stop!

This book is not yet available on Audible, but great news it's that available on many other retailers like Chirp, Kobo, Scribd and more! Check out the document below for all the stores it's on;

Melody Muzljakovich's Audiobook Cheat Sh
Download • 604KB

I recommend keeping this handy if you enjoy my narration but prefer using other retailers. Thank you as per usual everyone and I hope you enjoy this magical read!

eBook Link

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