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Queen of Dragons

I mentioned the release of Queen of Dragons in another blog post, but I want to give it more of the spotlight. As someone who is a big fan of fairy tale spin offs and strong heroines, I'm really excited to see where Azia's journey goes! There is three more books in this series, so definitely keep an eye out for them. Below this will be the summary and some helpful links to help lead you to how to purchase or even get the book for free!

Publisher's Summary

What happened after the happily ever after? You all know the story of your favorite fairy tale, but did you ever wonder what happened after the fairy-tale ending? Well, we know. Not all afters end up happily; sometimes the real adventure starts much later.... No one understands what it's like when your mother is famous for her beauty and you are, at best, average. Actually I'm wrong. She wasn't famous just for her beauty, but that's how people tell the story, how people have always told the story. That was even her name for a while. No one remembered her real name. She was just the sleeping princess or Sleeping Beauty. Even all these years later, when the royals appear in the paper, my father, the king, barely gets a mention, and I'm only a footnote in my own life, destined to always be Sleeping Beauty's daughter. My name's Princess Azia Rose of Draconis, and here is my story.... Following famous fairy-tale characters, 18 years after their happily ever after, the Kingdom of Fairytales offers an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride in an all-new and sensational way to listen to.

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Thank you guys as usual!

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