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Off Limits - Short, sweet romantic audiobook release!

Hey guys!

Around the time I finished my young-adult dark fantasy audiobook Rebirth; Birds of Change, I also completed this short, sweet, and steamy romance! It's a little bit more unique compared to my other audiobooks thus far because it actually features my narration and Adam Riley's. So if you like his narration as well, make sure you check out his other works!

Publisher's Summary

It's the cardinal rule of the girl code: never date a friend's ex. Laynie Duluth knows that Gideon Roth is completely off limits. After all, he and her best friend, Priya, dated for two years back in college. And there's no statute of limitations on the rules of girl code. Problem is, somebody forgot to tell Gideon. 

When Laynie wakes up in Gideon's hotel room bed, wrapped up in a naked, deliciously attractive Gideon after a night of explosive, earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex, she knows she's got to fess up and come clean with Priya. 

Only that's not easy knowing what she knows about her best friend, and it becomes even harder when she learns Priya might just have a secret of her own to come clean about.

If you like this story, make sure you check out my other audiobooks!

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