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Not for the faint of heart...

A new audiobook has released and this time, it belongs to the horror genre! I've voiced in horror video-games before, but never had the pleasure of doing an audiobook and boy, is it fun! Don't worry, the sample is safe for work. :)

Publisher's Summary

Pregnant with her father's child, 19-year-old Courtney is a girl on the run, willing to do anything to make her way on the road. When a car accident leaves her wounded by the side of a desolate highway, she is taken in by an environmentalist doomsday cult led by the enigmatic Saint Ambrose, a charismatic preacher and ex-environmental scientist who gave up everything after claiming to see the face of God. When he meets the seemingly vulnerable Courtney, he is taken by her beauty and her wounded soul.  Now, with the promise of salvation hanging in the balance, Courtney must undergo a series of trials, each more painful and humiliating than the last, her incestuously conceived baby growing in her womb, a strange presence visiting her at night and telling her Ambrose has lost his way and it is she who must overthrow him.

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Thanks so much everyone and I hope you enjoy. <3

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