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Need a logo or business card? Both!? I'm your gal~

Melody Muze's Logo
My official logo!

Melody Muze Business Card - Front

Hello everyone! Great news, my business cards have arrived! This means I actually have something to hand to people when they're curious about my voice-over and art. Plus, if they ask, I can tell them I designed the card and my logo. It may seem like a small thing to most folk but it feels really good having something I designed printed and in my hands haha. Anyways, with all this said, I have even more news!


I am officially open for graphic designing your business cards and logos! If you feel like you want a cool logo to plop on a banner(that I can also make for you) or for your business card...*nudge nudge*, send me an e-mail at for my rates and/or more information. Please don't sweat it if you don't have a ton of funds to blow, I'm willing to negotiate and work with your budget.

Melody Muze Business Card - Back

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