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Melody's Video Game Reel!

Hello everyone and happy MAY!

It's crazy how quickly time goes by and we're already almost at the half point of year 2021. I can't be the only one who thinks that's kind of wild haha. Anyways, I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY taken time to get a demo reel produced and this one is specifically for video games! Character work in video games and interactive has been the bulk of my work (besides Audiobooks) and it's about time that I got a reel done that I thought represented my abilities in this genre of voice over. The reel was produced by the very talented Tony Wijs who is part of Immersed Productions !

I enjoy the sound of this reel as it focuses a lot on nuance and more "realistic" natural delivery, yet we still have some whimsy here and there! Tony was a treat to work with and we had incredible professional chemistry when discussing my reel and what we should do to make it pop.

Thank you so much for your time everyone and if you're someone who'd like to audition me or work with me, please email me at!

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