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Melodious Manuscripts: The Art of Voice-Acting

The human voice is arguably the most powerful and influential instrument of them all. Not only are we able to breathe life into a character that didn't have a voice of their own, but we can bend, twist, manipulate it into sounds both foreign and familiar for all sorts of entertainment. Voice-acting isn't just about making funny voices! It is the very thing that whisks you away into a world of fantasy, immersing you into something that may be very different from your reality but communing to you emotions that are relatable. Voice-acting is what makes the connection between us and the characters we love, even though they aren't 'real'. But it isn't because of the 'voice' part...yes, having a pleasant voice is definitely helpful, but what really does the trick, is the acting! But what makes one wish to go into voice-acting? Well I can't speak for other voice-actors, but I'll tell you why I did!

What was it that drew me into voice-over? Honestly, it was a combination of things! I have been heavily influenced by voice-actors all my life but in truth, I didn't realize this until I just became a young adult. Disney animated movies, my love for singing, video-games, anime, cartoons, reading...they helped shape me into who I am today. All of it inspired me to create my own characters and to give each of them their own voice using just my own but manipulating it to how I envisioned them to sound, plus I draw, hehe. These things even encouraged me to try my hand at world-building and dabble in writing! But something I've noticed, is the more I delve into the depths of my imagination for this craft , the more spiritual I become and the more I realize just how transcendental voice-over can be. It was because of courageous individuals who used their voice that contributed to making incredible and much needed changes throughout history, and I aspire one day to do the same, even if it's just one person I help or connect with. Our voices hold power and as Uncle Ben from Spider-man said, "With great power, comes great responsibility..." which I believe in wholeheartedly. I mean, look at the Dragonborn from Skyrim, he/she is able to send people flying just from a "Fus Roh Da!".

´*•.¸ Yes, voice-actors entertain, but they can also make change. ¸.•*´

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