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Melodious Manuscripts: Just Breathe...

I really struggled with deciding where to categorize this next post because this isn't something every voice-artist needs or uses, but for me personally...humidifiers have SERIOUSLY been a boon to me in and out of voice-acting. The space where I record has very dry air and I've noticed that my nose gets "stuffy" easily in this area. It hinders my vocal performance in multiple ways and it's just aggravating having to step away to 'breathe' when I could be spending that time focusing more on my craft!

What is a humidifier?

Basically, humidifiers are devices that add moisture to the air in a space. Think about all the symptoms caused by dry air such as dry sinuses, cracked lips, and nose bleeding (I used to get this one A LOT). But note particularly the 'dry sinuses' issues which is a pain in the tooshy for us voice-actors!...Please check out this link here to see if you're someone who suffers from this! Because if you are, one of the listed ways to counter it is a humidifier. I personally have two in my recording area as they're both small(saves space, yuh know?). You can definitely get larger ones if you have more space to cover but if you're really looking to only humidify a small area, then a little one is all you need! The ones I have are Smoko 200ml Elodie Unicorn Diffuser Ultrasonic and InnoGear Diffuser. InnoGear is a lot cheaper and good to start with if you're on a budget but it holds A LOT less water so you'll have to start it up frequently. However, there are many other choices to choose from at reasonable prices! I just recommended these two because I own them both and I'm very satisfied with them. However, if you do decide to get yourself a humidifier, I highly suggest getting yourself some oils!

What are the oils for?

These oils are designed to go inside humidifiers and other aromatherapy-esque devices (some all natural essential oils are good for consumption but make sure you do your research). Not only will they make your space smell really good but each oil has different effects. For example, if you're suffering from a cold, you would want to use Eucalyptus as this is a natural cold fighter. No, it won't poof Merlin your cold way, but it will make it much more tolerable and help get rid of it faster! One of my personal favorites is Lemongrass as it smells sweet and is a natural odor fighter, plus, I feel more energetic but relaxed when I smell it. There are so many choices so I highly suggest you get a bundle and try them all out depending on your needs and mood!

Voice-over is a tough job and sometimes, our bodies seem to want to make it even tougher on us. Humidifiers have really helped me in many ways that aren't just related to voice-acting. I'm able to go to sleep with one running on at night and when I wake up, I can breathe at ease while basking in the pleasant scent of lavender or lemongrass. I'm able to go about my day without having to worry about a random heavy nose bleed occurring... These oils don't just smell wonderful, they help bring out my energy, my inner peace, my eagerness to perform, and my confidence. Even if you don't suffer from dry sinuses, I still think you would benefit from a humidifier.

Blessed be my friends and remember...just breathe.

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