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The Lost Link

The Lost Link by Michelle Bryan is finally available! I will update as it becomes available on more retailers; but she's out! Of course you all get a sample and also, I plan on releasing a couple of chapters for every book I do out on my YouTube channel. This way, for anyone who still isn't sure, they can listen to a MUCH longer sample and decide! Anyways, below is the narration.

I die every night in my dreams.

Add to that the hallucinations of people I've never met and creatures that don't exist, and you can see why I don’t let anyone in. People don't take well to weirdos that can't tell reality from illusion.

That all changed the day a dragon attacked. Yup, that’s right. A real-life, smoke-breathing dragon hunted me down in the middle of a school day. I only escaped because a Faerie forced me to jump through a fire portal into a realm of magic. Normal, right?

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, I met him. The Fae prince. Eyes of jade, ebony hair, and a smile that made my knees weak. Too bad he was my mortal enemy sent to finish what the dragon started.

Now, faced with parallel worlds, a daring escape plan, and an evil queen bent on taking over the universe, only one thing is for certain. I’m in way over my head.


There are a lot of retailers some of my audiobooks will appear on, so take this cheat sheet that will take you to all the stores my audiobooks are available on!

Melody Muzljakovich's Audiobook Cheat Sh
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