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Introducing SandraMJ & P.M. Seymour!

Hey gang! As I'm sure most of you are aware, "The Tarot Challenge" is currently LIVE. If you're a voice-actor (or even artist, casting director, and etc...) and you still aren't sure what this is, please check it out here! First to third place voice-actor gets a free directing session with P.M. Seymour or SandraMJ or me, so I thought it only sensible to tell you a little bit about these other two talented individuals.

P.M. Seymour

"P.M. is a 10 year veteran voice actor, and voice/casting director at Shining Star Casting, His credits can stretch from Fox, Marvel, Nintendo, Mastercard, TinyCo, Youtube, SmashBits Animations, Frostburn Studios, GalaxyTrail, Media Blasters, BluJay Studios, Elex, Starbreeze Studios, GLU Mobile, Lego, One Animation, and to I.G. Productions! As a voice director, P.M. loves to do more interaction with back and forth sessions to help push natural responses out of the talents. Come time to sit down with him, be ready to think on the spot!"


"Sandra Molina is an experienced Spanish comic artist with a newly discovered passion for voice direction, going from producing art for Blizzard and DC comics to managing voice actors for Starlight Visuals in Caladria Chronicle, Sarchalen team with Sugawara Chronicles and Three Bards with their Possessions RPG. Sandra's focus lies on helping actors bring their best performances through mental images and finding the best angle to approach the line."

Personal Notes: I've worked with Sandra by providing the voice of Sep in her amazing visual novel "The Hayseed Knight". She is an absolute pleasure to work with and receive direction from. Not only will she help you be your best, but she'll do so while making you smile and laugh.~

You already know about meeee, so don't worry about it haha! If you're interested in getting a directing session with these two individuals, make sure you try out for the #thetarotchallenge! Entry 1 is HERE!

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