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Hush Hush - Now available!

Hello everyone! I'm back with a role announcement but it's also a familiar role but for a different game. I provided Sad Panda Studios more voice over for the wonderful Elle, one of my first ever roles in voice over. It's so amazing seeing this small dev team branch out and explore new horizons with game development and I'm so grateful to be part of it. They have now released "Hush Hush" into Early Access on Steam and if you're a fan of visual novels with an awesome voice cast and incredible, intense storylines, I highly recommend! You get to make many important decisions that will change the course and dynamics of your relationships and the character's stories. So choose carefully...



This is the darling character I voice and I'm so happy with how fleshed out she is in the game. She isn't just a sweet, sleepy head. She has hopes, dreams, and feels like a real person, with a touch of whimsy of course!

I hope you all enjoy and I have more announcements to come.

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