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Huniepop 2 Candy

Huniepop 2 has finally released after a long and bumpy road! This is a wonderful experience as this is my first "big" role in the indie scene. While Candace isn't particularly smart, she makes up for it in cuteness and southern ditzy charm! I decided to use Junko Enoshima's video to showcase her interaction with another character I favor a lot; Polly! This cutie is voiced by the wonderful Marissa Lenti. Take a listen!

I find the art in this game also very pretty and I think all the voice actresses did amazing! It was wonderful getting to know these talented ladies and I can safely say I have a great group of voice actresses to recommend. Will update my blog post with their socials as soon as I find them all!

Thank you HunieDev and I hope all the fans enjoy our hard work.

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