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We've finally finished narration and production of book four for Skye McKinnon's Catnip Assassins. Although it's not the end of the series yet as I have three more audiobooks to narrate, this feels like a great achievement nonetheless.

This is probably one of my favorite samples I've managed to crop as it demonstrates my range with characters in the story and shows how truly different the voices are for the characters and as usual, I make sure the dialogue sounds like actual conversations between characters.

Even with the twins in this sample, I had to give them each something that still made them different from each other. Ivy is a lot more forward and blunt, which is why I made her voice a bit edgier. Four is more calculated and soft spoken. Engaging narration is my absolute favorite to do!

If you're someoner who'd like to bring their book to life like this or their writing in general, my email is always open at!

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Audible Link Amazon Link Don't listen until you've listened to the previous books first! :)

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