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Galatea & Mirael - Both available!


The new hero, Galatea, is available in Soul Hunters and I'm pleased to say I provided the voice for this soft-spoken and mystical beauty. I've been playing this game a lot as it's very addicting, so I hope to get her soon. If I find game-play footage involving her, I'll post it here! Please check out Soul Hunters by Lilith Games available on Google Play and collect awesome heroes with great voice acting and go on an epic adventures with gorgeous art to look at. :) If you want more information about the developer and their game, please go to their website and their Facebook page!

Mirael is a sexy, powerful witch with long red hair!
"Is it getting hot in here...(or is it just me)?"


A double whammy! I also voiced the playful and powerful Mirael in another Lilith Games' product called AFK Arena which is also available on Google Play! I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet as I think only certain regions have access to it, but here's a video for you guys to check out if it interests you.

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