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Forget This Ever Happened

So sometimes, I am cast for projects that only require my voice over for a small part in the audiobook. In this one, I voice act as "Brittany", a character who accepts phone calls from those in distress because of monsters! Like most phone operators, our girl is unsurprised and on the bored side which made for a fun performance. On top of that, during the recording session, the director encouraged me to chew gum which was sort of hilarious! This audiodrama is now available for those enjoy sci-fi stories with a FULL voice over cast and all the fixings; music, sfx and etc.

Here is the link:

Once I get my hands on the copy of this, I'll be sure to pull out the parts where Brittany pops in so we can show her off. Thank you everyone and make sure you check out GraphicAudio's stuff in general, it's great!

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