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Birthday Announcement!

Hello everyone! Autumn is upon us and it's the best time of the year. I have very exciting things happening career wise and today, is my birthday. With that said, I'm a little late in announcing some recent releases on Audible that are all romance stories but with their own twists to cater to different audiences! Basically a triple whammy.


He might make her nerdy heart pound like the drums at one of his football games, but Quin needs to get over star quarterback Cage Rucker. For one thing, he has a girlfriend. For another, she didn’t come to college to find a guy, even if he is sweet and kind and volunteers with kids on the weekend. She has bigger plans.

Unfortunately, those bigger plans require one thing she doesn’t have: the ability to talk to people. And who’s good at talking to people? Cage Rucker.

So, when he proposes that he teach her what he’s good at in return for her helping him pass the class he needs to be eligible for the NFL draft, how could she refuse?

And when she finds out that there’s more to him than she could have ever imagined, she’ll choose her big plans over the guy who makes her feel things she’s never felt before, right?

Cage Rucker may be the quarterback, but Quin Toro is the one taking the long shot.


Cage's Problem: He needs to pass his class or he won’t be able to play football, get drafted, or become the NFL star he was meant to be.

Harlequin's Problem: People

Luckily, Cage is great with people. Everyone loves him as soon as they meet him, including Harlequin. And Quin is the smartest girl in the class.

So, what’s the problem? Cage, the drop-dead gorgeous quarterback, has a girlfriend. And Quin, who can figure out everything in the world, can’t figure out guys, much less relationships, or, you know…people.

But when the two of them agree to tutor the other in what they’re good at, more than a few sparks fly. Where those sparks take them is "Snowy Falls", a small town that causes the two even more problems in this steamy sports romance.

Swoon-worthy guys; twisting story; crackling tension. For listeners who love college sports romances by Ilsa Madden-Mills.

Note: This book is a part of the author's Love is Love Collection, meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in My Tutor, a wholesome romance in Going Long, a steamy wolf shifter romance in Son of a Beast, and a Male/Male romance in Serious Trouble.


“It’s hard being the only one of your kind.”

Born a wolf shifter in a lab, the world saw me as a freak. That’s how I felt until I met him. My love, my lust, my rescuer.

He might have been a human, but the connection we had was powerful. He brought out my wolf. I brought out his secret.

It was a secret about what he is. Where did he come from? If I helped him find it, would he choose his new world over me?

He probably thinks I’m better off without him. Or that I can breathe when he’s not around.

How much will I have to sacrifice to be with him? How much will he give up to be with me?

In the end, will the love we have for each other be enough?

Note: This book is a part of the author's Love Is Love Collection, meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in My Tutor, a wholesome romance in Going Long, a steamy wolf-shifter romance in Son of a Beast, and a male/male romance in Serious Trouble.


I hope you all have a splendid week and weekend. Stay tuned for more announcements as I have plenty of projects still in the works!

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