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Behind the narration - Meow

Meow has been available on Audible for a few weeks now and it's different from my usual style of narration. It is the first book in the Catnip Assassins Series and is a great introduction to Kat and her band of misfits. Because my of natural, warm and youthful tone, I knew to match the audition specs I'd have to embody a woman who has endured a lot and who has done morally questionable things. Hardening my voice, giving it a slight growl and making myself sound just a bit older, and voila, we have Kat! It's quite an amazing exercise, trying to portray someone who is a merciless assassin and isn't bothered by things that most people would be bothered by...Ahem, like a head in her kitchen's fridge. Still, she is funny and there is a soft side to her.

I also liked the voice that I had chosen to narrate with for her because it is still easy to listen to while managing to sound rougher and grittier...sometimes, occasionally, she even sounds sexy! Skye MacKinnon's writing certainly made bringing Kat to life pretty easy because as soon as I finished reading the book, I knew who this character was.

A hardened, independent woman who doesn't want to ever be seen as weak. Only as someone who should be respected, even if that means by gaining respect using fear. She has layers and a very thick wall to get through. That has to be one of the hardest things to do as Kat. Finding that balance of "I don't give a fudge!" and "Okay, I care a little bit".


For Lily, I wanted to use my regular voice as it is a nice break from Kat's and everyone else's. Despite her being quite seductive, she always had a youthful and playful energy about her through the book, and a certain warmth...She cares about her friends, even though she's just as wicked.

Bethany was also surprisingly easy. Instantly, I thought she was more exotic due to her fascination with poisons. Also, if you've listened to my other audiobooks, her accent is one that I have practiced well and it's clearly one of my favorite's to do.

Benjamin had Harley Quinn energy to me from the get go! He is cute, funny, and quite quirky...making him stick out quite a bit in this band of misfits. He's definitely kind of whacko, but I find it very endearing! So I gave him a fun New Yorka accent and a youthful tone.

Lennox's voice was a tough one. I tried to channel some Geralt with his performance due to what Skye suggested for his tone and such. He's someone who has been through A LOT...a very hard time and life. Plus he seems more like the quiet type aaaand he's kind of an emotionless assassin who doesn't have time for emotions to get in the way! Well, so he thinks hehe.

Anywho, I hope you all consider checking out Meow and the rest of the catnip assassins as they come out! Skye is so talented and I definitely recommend checking out the rest of her books. Thank you. :)

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