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A Court of Wings and Ruin PT 1

It's here! The first part of "A Court of Wings and Ruin". This one is going to have a total of THREE parts so everyone, brace yourselves. On top of that, it sounds like we have to actually *slow* down production time somewhat so SJM's team can have more time to listen and approve of it. But for now, hopefully you all enjoy this part and will remain patient for the next.

I have many more audiobooks, not with GraphicAudio, also in the works. One of them is currently being prepared for retailers while the others are in the works! I am so looking forward to talking about them and sharing some roles I've recently been cast for.

Till then, please drink your water and get rest when you can, especially when listening to GraphicAudio's adaptations. Also, is anyone else completely and utterly ready for Fall? I'm so over this heat. :D

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