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A Court of Thorns and Roses - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hello everyone! I finally get to talk about a huge role that I've been working hard on for the past few months. So happy and HONORED to announce that I am the voice of Feyre in GraphicAudio's adaptation of "A Court of Thorns and Roses" which means I also narrate! We're starting things off with part one and I hope you all enjoy the hard work that the entire cast and team put into this.

Make sure to listen to the trailer and sample here:

Make sure to follow me and keep up with my blog for when the next parts are posted and I'm just so excited, AHHHH! Time to go get my copy.

With this said, here are the links to where you can purchase this now OR pre-order (if you prefer Audible for example):

GraphicAudio - Available for listening now!

Audible - Available for pre-order!

If you happen to enjoy my narration and voice over for Feyre Archeron, please check out my other audiobooks HERE. I am usually credited as my full name, Melody Muzljakovich for my other audiobook work.

Thanks so much everyone and I'll be sure to update my blog/website as more of these books release! YAY!

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