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A Court of Frost and Starlight Release

Happy February!

GraphicAudio's adaptation of "A Court of Frost and Starlight" is now available for purchase on their website. I've received this question a lot on my socials and YES, GraphicAudio is most definitely going to work on "A Court of Silver Flames" but I don't know when or how it's going to be approached. I do know that I will return voicing Feyre's dialogue and whatever bits of the book she narrates! But if you enjoyed my narration and performance, I definitely encourage you to listen to other books I've narrated:


Website freshen up!

With a new year means a little update here and there. My website is my portfolio for all things voice over and! I missed having an art page dedicated to my artwork because drawing is one of the big reasons I got into voice over. So make sure to stick around a while and take a look at the update. It should be even easier to navigate and still easy on the eyes.


More audiobooks on the way...

I've been working hard getting more audiobooks done and two should be available soon, which I'm really excited to talk about some more! Will make posts about it as soon as they are both out and available. :)

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