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This is the release of the sixth book for Skye MacKinnon's "Catnip Assassins" series and I believe we have two books left. The final book and a little Christmas special! This has been such a long journey but I will always be so grateful for it.

Publisher's Summary

They took her freedom. Now she’ll take their lives. Voluntary kidnapping. That’s new even for Kat. Trapped, tortured, and without any sign of her sister’s whereabouts, she can only do one thing: Release the beast within and hope she doesn’t lose her humanity. Nor her family. Relationships will be broken. New alliances will be forged. And yes, there will be more kittens. The sixth audiobook in this purrfectly exciting urban-fantasy series full of action, suspense, and cat puns. A slow-burn reverse harem where Kat won't have to choose.

I also have more announcements on the horizon, such as another video game role and of course more audiobook work!

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