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2022 Achievements & 2023 Resolutions

I can't believe we're already nearing the end of 2022...

Such a crazy, surreal feeling it is! With that said, I'm going to finally do something that I haven't done before. List off my achievements and take some time to celebrate how far I've come in my voice over and narration journey!

My voice over career certainly blossomed more, in an area I did not expect at all while I remained consistent in another branch I started in. We have so much further to go and more to do!


- Reached a grand total of 40 audiobooks produced with more in the works for the New Year!

- Acquired my first big narration job for a high profile series!

- Won a narration award alongside the rest of the cast in said high profile series.

- Even more video game gigs acquired throughout the year, though most I'm not able to disclose info on yet!

- Made a few wonderful friends and connections in the industry.

- Got interviewed on a podcast!

- Remained very consistent with my career althroughout.

- Managed to somehow build my community a little on TikTok and Instagram.

I'm truly so grateful to everyone who has chosen to work with me. I'm surrounded by so much love, support, and excellence!

Make sure to take time to celebrate your achievements too! Remember, just surviving another year is worth celebrating.

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