Hey guys! Another character(avatar) has come out for Heroes of Newerth and I voice her.~ Her name is Aluna Red Riding Hood! Check it out.

In other news, I am now being represented by another agency in LA and they're called Idiom Talent Agency! Which I am super excited about and very grateful for. I'm also going to be having more and more reels done, currently working on a commercial and a video-game. I also have someone lined up to help me start making covers for my channel.~ Basically everyone, keep your eyes open!

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Hey everyone! Back with more news.~ This time, I wish to introduce "Tamborin". A cute indie pre-school animation that teaches kids about music. This is a very special show, not just because I got the honor to voice and participate in it, but because I love music! I was a singer before a voice-actress and this show has singing and music! Here's the episode where my character, Mommy Tamborin, enters! But make sure you check out the other's too and give your kid's another fun thing to watch.~

This is one of the few roles where I get to voice the mother! I also got to sing a bit in her voice although that's not available to hear yet unfortunately. Mommy Tamborin is an eccentric and quirky character which is why I had a lot of fun voicing her! If you wish to see more of this series; please check out the YouTube channel.

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Please don't mind the title. I'm quite bad at making them! Even in RPG's, the hardest part for me to come up with is a character name, ha! I've recently voiced another character for Frostburn Studios' Heroes of Newerth as the voice of Burn Club Pyro (the bossy girl who blasts a lot of fire)! Check it out below.~

In other news, I've been cast in a very beautiful looking visual novel that seems really fun, cute, and exciting to play called Love Esquire! If you wish to support the game (and help get us to a certain stretch goal where there will be FULL voice-acting from a talented cast), please visit their Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yangyangmobile/love-esquire?ref=ksorgtwt&token=8972645e

Kamala is a beautiful, exotic princess who loves to shop, travel, and more! The game has a free demo and it already has partial voice-acting. So what are you waiting for?! Go give it a play and admire Kamala's bre-...GEMS! I meant gems.

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